My goal is to create a new generation of Power BI Leaders who drive our business industry to a new era of Empowered BI

What Makes a Power BI Leader? 

I have been obsessed with the idea of Power BI Leadership.

I feel lucky, that I am surrounded by Power BI Leaders, from our student community, we fondly call the LearnPowerBI Family! I live in constant awe of what my students have accomplished and the challenges they have overcome. They are my true leaders and inspire me every day.

Oddly, most of them would never describe themselves as a “Leader”; they’re too humble to say that. May be that’s a sign of a good leader.

But there are other factors that make a great Power BI Leader.

And it’s my life’s quest to study this, understand it and then teach it to others.

Because the world doesn’t need you to just learn Power BI, it needs you to lead them!

What does NOT make a Power BI Leader

Official Title does NOT make a Power BI Leader:

We have students who are CFOs and those who work in the Call Center. And we have seen them both lead their organization on the path of Power BI!

Leadership has nothing to do with your Title, Rank or Designation.

Technical Skills do NOT make a Power BI Leader:

Unfortunately, we have students, who are extremely skilled technically in Power BI, but are still stuck in the data dungeon.

And then there are those, who are far from perfect in their technical skills, but creating a huge impact!

Success does NOT make a Power BI Leader:

This one may seem odd to you. But none of this makes you a leader:

  • You earned fat piles of cash with Power BI (good for you, but who cares?)

  • You have a long and impressive list of companies you have helped

  • You have thousands of subscribers on YouTube ;-)

Do you know or have heard of people who are “successful” but are total sleaze-bags? Leaders often are successful, but the opposite isn’t always true.

What Makes a Power BI Leader?

We Believe

Leaders believe in a cause; a cause greater than themselves.
This could be:

  • An injustice we see (“Why do office workers need to slave away creating reports manually?”)

  • A dream we seek (“What impact can we create in this world, if we can see all the company’s numbers in one place?”)

We are leaders, not because of a Title or Rank.
We are leaders because we believe in our cause and can inspire others to rally around it!

We Don’t Know Everything

Leaders don’t know everything…

But we don't let that stop us from making a big impact!

And because we know, that we don't know everything...

  • We are okay to admit it

  • We are okay with making mistakes and learning from them

  • We are okay with asking for help when we need it

But we never give up and never stop believing in ourselves and our dreams.

We Lead with Our Hearts Full

There are two ways of living your life.

The conventional way, is where you go about life, trying to fill a void inside you

  • You need love, so you ask others for love

  • You need respect, so you ask others for respect

  • You need to feel worthy, so you ask others for appreciation

  • …and a long list of wants

But a true Leader, lives their life with their hearts full.

  • We spread love, because our hearts are filled with love

  • We respect others, because we first respect ourselves

  • We feel worthy, because we feel that every human being is worthy

Before others can believe in you, you must believe in yourself.

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