Power BI Video Interview / Talk Power BI Panelist with Avi Singh

This page provides instructions for
– Video Interview (Example) or
– Talk Power BI Panelists (Example)

Preparation (Video Interview or Talk Power BI Panelist)

  • Webcam: Just make sure you have a working webcam. If it’s not built-in you might need to buy/borrow a USB webcam you can plug in

  • Headphone/Headset for Audio: This is perhaps the most important piece. You want to be using a reasonable quality headset (not the built in Laptop Microphone, usually they are worse than even the cheap headsets).
    I use a simple USB headset for myself.

  • Background: Make sure you don’t have anything in the background you don’t want to be seen 🙂
    A homey background is actually fine, so don’t feel like it needs to look professional or anything. Candid actually works better!

  • Lighting: Ideally there should be lighting on your face (NOT behind you, else the face just looks dark)
    One easy way is to be facing a window with natural light coming in.

  • Eye-Contact: This would feel weird but it works. Look right into your webcam. NOT on my face showing up on your screen.
    (we are programmed to look at the person we are talking to. So you may be tempted to look at my face on your screen. But it looks much better in the recording if you stare right into the webcam)


Additional Information for Video Interview

  • Interview is scheduled for 1-hour but may take less time than that

  • Interview would be three phases

    • Setup: Test all equipment and just loosen up 🙂

    • Main Interview: This is the main interview that will end up as the final recording

    • Wrap-up: We can discuss any follow-up items (e.g. any links that need to be included with the interview based on what was discussed)

Video Interview Questions

Here is a list of sample questions. If you have a specific Question/Topic that you would want to be covered during the interview, just let me know.

Personal Interview Sample Questions:

  • Hook/Showcase: We often show a sneak-peek of the showcase at the very beginning to hold the reader’s interest. The showcase can be a Power BI Dashboard, Report or a Tip/Technique that you would be sharing

  • How and when did you get started with Power BI?
    (in all my communication – including here – Power BI includes PowerPivot & PowerQuery)

  • What were the challenges you/your organization were facing before you discovered Power BI?

  • How has Power BI helped (or can help) with these challenges?

  • What are the challenges that still remain?
    (perhaps outside the scope of Power BI, that Power BI cannot solve)

  • Your advice for someone starting out on the Power BI journey?

  • How do you deal with overwhelm?

  • What is your opinion of the IT vs. Business divide?

Product Interview Sample Questions:

  • Tell me about the product?

  • Tell me about your company?

  • Show me the product? (Demo, this would typically be the longest section)

  • How does it compare to competitor’s offerings? (differentiate your product)

  • Call-to-Action: If they love it and want to have it now…what is the next step? (here you can share a simple call-to-action or a special offer with my audience)