Being a Business User In Today’s World
Can Present Unique Challenges


Multiple Systems that are Hard to Navigate

Processes and systems can be duct-taped together in a haphazard fashion


Reports Flying Everywhere

Everyone works hard…may be too hard. Generating multiple reports, often with a lot of manual effort


No Clear Picture

Hard to put together a single picture of what the business is doing…and where is it going?

You Can’t Manage, What You Can’t Measure
— Peter Drucker

Power BI presents a unique opportunity for Business Users worldwide



Power BI is a modern, agile BI solution. You can get started quickly and get results faster!



Power BI is built to scale and will grow with you. No matter your growth rate :-)



Gone are the days to spend Millions of $$ on BI solutions with questionable results. You can get started with Power BI for free and drive your business forward.

#RealPowerBI is your opportunity to have a qualified Power BI Consultant help you with your Power BI project for free!

Is there a catch? Yes there is. But let me tell you all about it, and explain why this is such an amazing opportunity.

How Does #RealPowerBI Work?

#RealPowerBI is real simple:

  • We bring real business users (just like you)

  • And match them with qualified Power BI Professionals inside our LearnPowerBI program

  • You’ll be Matched with some of the best members in our worldwide LearnPowerBI Family

  • The members would get full support throughout the #RealPowerBI project, directly from me and also from their peers

  • You will work together in a Private, one-on-one setting. Your data will always remain confidential


Get Incredible Results with Power BI

Here’s what one of our past #RealPowerBI participants had to say about #RealPowerBI

I love it! Our new reports have everything I need, to visually see how my business is doing.

This was a huge wakeup call. Without this you’re just running your business from day to day.

This can be the difference between gradual increase versus my business going under!
— - Kimberly Marie, Business Coach

All this sounds amazing, right? So what is the catch?
The catch is that #RealPowerBI is application based. Not all projects may be selected.
But you can increase your chances of being selected, by submitting your project early!

#RealPowerBI = Real Simple:

  • You submit an easy to fill application

  • We select the candidates who are a good fit for #RealPowerBI

Let’s do this! Just click “Apply Now”.

p.s. Want to work on a #RealPowerBI Project? Find out about our Pro+ Program