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How to Get the Most Out of Talk Power BI

If you are just getting started…

You may find TalkPowerBI a bit overwhelming :-)
My advice would be to

  • Make sure to start with my free Power BI Tutorial

  • Join and say “Hi” to me, do mention where you are joining us from (“Hi, this is Avi from Seattle”). I love hearing that!

  • Just listen in, even if the topics being discussed seem too advanced (it likely would help you later as you continue on your journey)

  • Do not hesitate in speaking up and asking questions. Remember, there are no stupid questions, only stupid answers :-)

  • Be open to learning from others questions and discussion of other topics. You’ll get a lot more coming with an open mind, rather than just being there to get your own question answered

Talk Power BI Format

  1. We often start with a specific topic

  2. Then we open up to Power BI Q&A

  3. We select one question from our Learn Power BI Students who join via phone

  4. Next we select one question from YouTube

  5. We repeat steps 3 & 4

  6. Near the end of the call, we also may open up the phone lines to our YouTube audience

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